There are 3 different styles of brow to choose from. Which one is right for you will depend on your skin type, natural hair growth amount and taste. Have a look and read to begin to think which you believe will suit you best. Then come and chat to us, we will give you our expert opinion.

Pure Hairstroke Eyebrow

Hairstroke eyebrows can be created by using Manual Microblading or cosmetic tattooing. They offer THE most natural, undetectable effect once healed. Nobody need know you have had anything done. With the creation of ultimate texture by mimicking that of wispy hairstrokes. Perfect for those with no brow, looking for total reconstruction and those who wear a very natural or no makeup look throughout the day.

Who would it suit?

Clients wanting a natural look

Clients with no brows

Clients with an oily skin type

Combination Eyebrow

This look is created using cosmetic tattooing. As with the Pure Hairstroke Brow, tiny wispy strokes are created. Then in addition to this soft shading is strategically placed to mimic the shade and light found in a slightly more populated brow. Like a Pure Hairstroke Brow with a little kick! Still beautifully natural.

Who would it suit

Oily Skin

Younger skin

Those looking for a denser look with strokes

Ombre Eyebrow
A makeup look for those with oily or combination skin as it offers more longevity. Also for those who may have some hair who want to define and shape their brows. You can have super bold and defined to super soft and powdery. Our experienced artists control the density of pigment implanted. And as with all of our 1st time treatments, will hold back at your first appointment, in the knowledge that there is an opportunity to add addition colour at your follow up appointment.

Who would it suit

Younger skin

Oily/Combination skin

Those clients wanting a fuller brow type

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