Lip Blush Tattoo

Clients motivation to have colour added to their lips can vary. We see clients who want fuller looking lips. Clients who have lost definition to their lips through loss of pigment or naturally pale lips. Some have lost colour through cold sore scarring. And some have lost fullness and definition through the ageing process. Then there are a few with scarring. Whatever the reason, we are able, through clever design and placement of pigment to restore and create lips that will change the way you see yourself. Take a look at the 2 different types of lip enhancements available. Then please come and see us. Consultations are free and are a great way to start the decision making process. We can draw into your lips so that you can see what difference the treatment could make for you

Soft Lip Blush

This treatment will deliver a veil of colour to the lip. Similar to that of your natural lip colour only slightly stronger. It is a super natural look. Great for those with quite pale lips, wanting a soft blush of colour. For those wanting to play with the shape of their lips, create an illusion of more fullness and add definition to the borders, then you'll need to look at the Full Coverage Lip Tint below.

Who would it suit?

Those wanting a blush of soft colour to their lip

Clients with naturally pale lips

lipstick look

Clients with a mid/strong natural colour to their lip

strong border

Full Coverage Lip Tint

Through a denser application of colour that a Soft Lip Blush, this treatment is great for restoring definition to the lips. It can also be designed to create the illusion of more fullness as it beautifully defines the borders. We can play on shape subtly to create more roundness as the lip travels to the outer corners. This cleverly creates visual fullness. A Full Coverage Lip Tint can still look incredibly natural when using nudes and more muted colours. Or for those wanting a more vibrant effect, we can create a 'lipstick look.' Take a look at our video made by our Creative Director Claire Louise on how we select your lip colour.

Who would it suit

Create more visual fullness

Good definition

'lipstick look' dependant on colour selection

Those looking for a denser look with strokes

Great for those who feel they have lost fullness and definition through ageing

Great for those who feel 'washed out' due to naturally pale lips

Disguise and blend scar tissue

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