Discreet, More than discreet and advanced eyeliner at Brow Design Studio

The team at Brow Design Studio are trained to an advanced level of Eyeliner, we offer both discreet and advanced. Discreet will give a subtle enhancement through the lashline, and advanced will be thicker, with the additional of wings if required.

Discreet Eyeliner
Advanced Technique
With an Eyeliner enhancement, eyes can be enhanced simply by adding dotting, or a thin line through the lashes, this will give a very natural and soft definition to the eye and make your eyelashes appear more dense. So whether you are working out, swimming or having just woken up you will look your best 24/7
For those wanting advanced techniques our team have studied Advanced Eye Aesthetics and can create a shape that compliments your eyes and facial structure, making eyes appear larger and more open. For those who love wings, this is also an option. This can be anything from a subtle flick to a more dramatic look of latino style.

What is the process from here?

Finally, Invest wisely!...Buy cheap buy Twice!

At Brow Design we will NEVER use cheap pigments. Cheap pigments are often not tested, will often contain illegal and sometimes harmful ingredients. We use ONLY Italian pigments that follow the most rigorous testing. They are non-harmful, will last longer. Sadly, we see at least 2 ladies a month who have had previous very poor work produced by other companies. This can be a result of poor training, poor equipment or poor pigments. Generally this will result in starting again, and a new full priced treatment. We have a continuous improvement policy turning our artists into exceptional artists. So ladies, invest wisely. More often than not in life, buy cheap buy twice.