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Did you know there is a difference between Digital Cosmetic Tattooing & Microblading? Many people believe they are the same, but there are fundamental differences that you must understand before you choose your enhancement. For Example Microblading is not suitable for some skin types here's why.

What method is right for you, and have you done your research? Spend 5 minutes reading this page, it will be the most important thing you do before making a decision. It is followed by some questions we are often asked.

Cosmetic Tattooing (machine)
Microblading (free hand)
The machine method uses a digital pen and a tiny fine needle cartridge. The pigment is implanted into the skin to a measured depth. Think of it like a super fast and far finer version of a sewing machine. This can be used in a super targeted way to implant a precise concentration of colour to create super fine hairstrokes. Or shaded in to create a soft powdery finish, this is suitable for all skin and with scarring.
Microblading is not a new technique. It was developed over 2 decades ago in china. It is a manual technique during which your artist uses a tool. This tool houses a sequence of needles tightly packed together to create a blade. This blade is then pulled through the skin to make tiny incisions into which the pigment can be absorbed. Suitable for younger skin only and can cause scarring.
Here are some questions we are often asked.
I want a totally natural outcome...
I want to achieve a makeup look...

A natural outcome is achievable through both methods if applied correctly. This is more to do with the artist you choose and less about the tool. Study the artists portfolio in depth. They will need to have developed their art in order to create realism and precision within a brow. In order to create this style they will need to apply the pigment precisely, at the right depth and not overwork the skin. Do not be drawn in by price. Overworked microbladed skin can be irrecoverable

I find that clients who like a ‘made up’ look will plump for an ombre or combination brow using the digital technique. This combines hairstrokes and shading to keep them looking natural with that kick. The shading can be cleverly used to create areas of soft density within the brow. But quite often a pure shaded/ombre brow using the machine is what is required. Softness can still be created at the front of the brow to prevent them from looking ‘blocky’. Giving you a Highly Defined Style Brow. take a look at the portfolio page for more images

I have thinning mature skin, are any of these treatments suitable for me?

I have a scar in my brow, which method would be best for me?

Yes, but definitely machine only for you. Your skin, particularly on the tail area of the brow will be too thin and delicate for microblading. We would never blade a client falling into this category. We would use the machine method to gently tease the colour into the skin being extremely careful not to overwork it. Again we have had some really beautiful results on these skin types.

This is dependant on the scar. If it is quite flat then both methods would be great for you. However if it is uneven we would use our machine. This is because our machines are implanting through the pen with an extremely fine needle which has more ability to ‘dance’ around these imperfections in a way that a blade cannot. With a blade there is a greater risk of snagging on any raised/tight areas within the scar.

How do you avoid a microblading or cosmetic tattooing disaster?

How much should you be looking to pay?

Research is essential. The largest issue facing our industry currently is the influx of 2 day microblading courses. Technicians are coming away not feeling capable, and are let loose onto the general public. We have dealt with some real disasters, and retrained technicians poor on confidence. We deal with distressed emails on a monthly basis from technicians and their clients asking for our advice and help. This is a tattoo on your face, choose wisely

Microbladed brows generally cost £190 - £300 Machine brows £290 - £390 These prices should include your initial treatment and also your follow up treatment necessary to complete the process 4-6 weeks later. Be wary of prices that are for the initial treatment. If they split the 2 payments be sure to be aware of this and add the 2 together as this will then be the total cost of the treatment. Prices depend on geographical area and the experience and expertise of your artist. London prices will be more. Beware of £99 offers, they are often using cheap unregulated pigments and needles.

Can I see your Portfolio?

Where did you train?

Do they have a website? Study it. Look for consistency. Can you see 5 or more pieces of work that you like? If it’s 1 or 2 then that is not enough. That could have been work from their course that has been completed/started by their trainer. Look for plenty of work that you are drawn to. Does their work have their name on their images? Image theft is another huge problem in our industry. We are constantly finding our work on other peoples websites.

Look at the work of their trainer - it should be impressive. How long was their program? 2 days? Run! You are looking for a program that runs over 2-3 months to develop their skill. We have a continuous improvement program here at Brow Design Studio

Finally, Invest wisely!...Buy cheap buy Twice!

At Brow Design we will NEVER use cheap pigments. There are pigments out there not tested or regulated, they often contain illegal and sometimes harmful ingredients. We use high quality pigments that follow the most rigorous testing. They are non-harmful, will last longer and will not turn blue or grey. We see at least 1 lady a month who has had previous poor work. This can be because of poor training, poor equipment or poor pigments. Generally this will result in a new full priced treatment. We have a continuous improvement policy turning our artists into exceptional artists. So ladies, invest wisely. More often than not in life, buy cheap buy twice.