Areola & Nipple Restoration Tattoo

This is an essential part of the treat journey to a lot of breast cancer survivors. Most have gone through a gruelling series of treatments and operations, usually ending in breast reconstruction. Without the presence of a nipple or areola, survivors can often be left feeling like the breasts take on the appearence of a mound, like they are missing their 'centre piece'.

Areola Reconstruction

Others opt out of having the nipple surgically reconstructed. Everyone has their own reasons. Some may include having to take the risk of further surgery when some people feel they have already been through so much. Some decide that after seeing the 3D tattoos that this is the best, most realistic option for them. Tattooing onto flat skin is far easier for us artists. And with the use of shade and light we are able to create the illusion of protrusion and the most exquisite detail. Each design is created for the individual. Sometimes we are creating a double Reconstruction. Sometimes a single, which we need to mirror from the opposing side to restore balance. We will blend bespoke colours to match skin tone and colouring. Or, of course the existing areola and nipple. We will use a number of colours within the piece to create beautiful, realistic detail along with shade and light for the ultimate 3D effect.

We are lucky enough to be led by world renowned Areola Tattoo Artist Claire Louise who's work has been featured on the likes of BBC THREE, BBC South, Radio Solent, The Telegraph, many media platforms talking about breast Reconstruction along with worldwide recognition on social media.

Claire has passed her knowledge and techniques onto Natalie and Pixie who have gone on to become amazing breast artists in their own rights. Claire says :

'I am lucky enough to be part of a team that match my enthusiasm for our breast work. We all believe passionately that these clients deserve the absolute best in quality of work. We are all artistically driven to deliver the most realistic outcomes for each and every client.'

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